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For: V0C4L01D-RP
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I am also: :icontower-of-sunz::iconshoushitsu::iconmasked-devil:

Name: Kageito ( "カゲイト" )
Height: 4'8"
PV:… /…
Age: 10 or 12

- * -

. . . W H O - A M - I ? . . .

Kageito is childlike and calm most of the time. He doesn't really like talking to people, or being around too many people in general. He constantly wears the mask with the sharp-toothed grin and dot-eyes over his face, but slightly takes it off whenever he feels angry, or shy..That is, depending on the situation that he is in. He doesn't like the sun to much, and uses is scarf in which has a mind of its own to shield himself from it. The scarf seems to have a mind of its own as well, and he often talks to it as if it is his friend. Since he hardly talks to others and doesn't have many friends, he considers his scarf one of his only friends.

. . . F A V O R I T E - T H I N G S? . . .

Kageito likes the darkness, being a shadow after all. He loves the taste of most sweets, bean paste, and red beans as well. He also loves eating sweet dumplings. He adores his scarf, for he considers it his only true friend, and the vise verse. He loves watching foolish people try to get their ways with things that they have no chance at getting, and although kind-hearted, thinks they are kind-of funny. Sometimes, he likes the cold as well, but not all the time.

. . . T H I N G S - I - D I S L I K E . . .

He doesn't like the sun to much, for he constantly is complaining about how bright it is. He also doesn't like when his mask is taken off around people he doesn't trust or taken in general. He doesn't like hot weather too much, and hates being called short. He also doesn't like being compared for height either. Food wise, He dislikes anything bitter.

. . . H O W - I - A C T? . . .

Kageito acts childish and bored most of the time, and hardly shows his face from his mask due to the fact that he doesn't like trusting people at first. He likes to consider them good friends before he shows his true face to them.

~ * ~

AM - I - C A P A B L E - OF - THIS? "Are...these emotions of love true?"

I - L I K E - YOU - ALOT "We are good friends, I can show you my face."

JUST - O K A Y . . . "I guess you are nice..."

O K A Y . . . "Are we friend or foe?"

. . . "I don't like you too much."

I - H A T E - YOU! "Scarf will strangle you if you come close, jerk!"
- x -


YOU - LOOK - LIKE - H E R. "I don't like that...."

BUT - H O W? "We just met. I feel strongly for you...somehow."
"I won't say a word until later..."

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MikuAppendDivi-Dest Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
Miku looked at his mask as she adjusted her glasses.
"Why are you wearing that mask? It makes no sense. There isn't any holidays that I know of that are taking place,"
(1 Reply)
Matryoshka-Imug Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
Imug stared at the monochromatic boy. She seemed very interested in his mask.

"Nice mask you have...Its very interesting. Even though I've awlays liked my :) mask better. Its creepy in a happy way." What Imug just said made no sence, but she didnt care much.
oceans-secret-lover Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
Kaibi held a little candle she seemed to like alot. She stared at the flame and then smiled looking up at a dark looking boy she blinked, "Eto... Hello?"
3rd-Baka-Nero Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
Nero stares at him and looked at his weird looking scarf and his toothy mask. "Nice scarf and mask...."
Shoushitsu Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010
"...Wh-Who are you...You look weird." She mumbled. "I-I....I...You wont hurt me right? You won't delete me right!?" She shouted then, backing away.
(1 Reply)
Shadow-Kageito Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010
"In your dreams."
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